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We are an active community from all over the world. We are proud to present, develop, support Klient for you.

What do we actually do?

The best IRC Client in the World

Flexible Interface

Klient's interface can be tailored to your liking with features such as fully customizable toolbars, various window "styles", and advanced display settings.

Klient is also fully Windows XP theme compatible.

Multiple Servers

Klient can connect to as many servers as you want at the same time. They can be from the same or different networks.

Powerful Scripting Capabilities

Klient offers two ways to add scripts. You can create scripts with Klient's built-in script editor in any language that supports Active Scripting, including VBScript, JScript, Perl, and Python. Klient adds 70 objects to its script interpretor to extend the script languages and allow script code to talk to Klient.

For the ultimate in speed and flexibility, Klient can also run scripts contained in external DLL files. In addition to functionality, DLL scripts can add custom forms to Klient that appear to be part of the program. Because compiled executable code is so much faster than any runtime interpreted language, DLL scripts can run millions of times faster than their interpreted script counterparts!

Our users in numbers

Use Klient for multi-server support
Goes to work by bike
Watch Game of Thrones
Enjoy this IRC Client

Klient is THE client you need to talk with friends on channels, on IRC.

- Thomas J. McAlee, Jr -

Our people

Mixture of the best professionals around the world lets us to create absolutely everything you could ever imagine.

Meet the team behind this work

The best team in the World

Thomas J. McAlee, Jr
Nicolas Vieira
WebMaster, Skript developer

Talk, Speak, Write it!
How I wonder what client we used before.

Nicolas Vieira

French team

Our Downloads

Everywhere we want to offer widest and the most efficient irc client to you. Join us and download version 2.2.4!

All the way you want to share with others.

Our Offer
  • Multiserver
  • FServ
  • DCC Chat & DCC Transfert
  • LIst Management

Use, modify, create many skripts

Our Offer
  • Several Programming Languages
  • Useful API
  • Plug-ins
  • VBasic, Jscript, Python, Perl, PHPScript

You chat as you are, use Klient as you are

Our Offer
  • Visual Styles
  • Audio Styles
  • Behaviors
  • Notifications

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